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Digital Marketing Agency In Gurugram

Welcome to leading digital marketing agency in Gurugram. The days when advertising was distributed only by offline means have passed, and the traditional tools of online advertising are evolving into complex strategies. Today, at the peak of popularity, digital channels of communication with the audience and increased sales.

Digital marketing is a complex of digital methods of communication with customers: the use of smartphones, laptops, tablets and other digital advertising media as a means of promotion.

The difference between digital marketing and online marketing
The concept of “digital marketing” (digital marketing, performance approach) is broader than marketing on the Internet. Internet marketing includes only promotion on the Internet - improving the position of the site, context or media advertising, working on social networks. Digital marketing, in addition to Internet channels, also uses offline means - promotion on any electronic medium outside the Internet.

Digital Marketing Agency In Gurugram

Digital marketing has many channels. For each client, those are selected that make it possible to establish a strong two-way communication between the company and the client and ensure increased profits. Digital marketing involves the integrated use of tools.

Internet digital marketing segment services
Contextual advertising - implies the display of advertisements depending on the content of the page.

SEO - work on project positions in search results.

Display advertising - the creation and placement of banners and video materials on news resources, thematic portals and in the issuance of a search engine.

SMM - traffic attraction and interaction with the audience on social networks.

Targeted advertising in social networks - the display of advertisements to the target audience, which is determined in accordance with the selected targeting parameters.

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) - customer reputation management in the Internet space: working with reviews, neutralizing the negative, generating positive reviews and information lines.

E-mail newsletters - an automated distribution of messages to e-mail according to predefined scripts.

Website development - the creation of Internet resources capable of fulfilling the company's current marketing tasks

Adaptation - the correct display of the site on all types of mobile devices.

Redesign - improving the current design and developing a new one that allows you to effectively solve business problems.

UX - a set of measures to help identify interface problems, and the introduction of solutions to fix them.

Technical support - a service to support, maintain and develop site functionality.

Comprehensive performance - the creation of personalized advertising messages for different target audiences, work to increase loyalty, leads and sales, to promote new products and services, to achieve measurable results in a short time by managing digital marketing tools throughout the strategy cycle.

What does digital marketing give?
Digital advertising technologies allow businesses to get both online and offline clients. The company can appeal to almost any audience, without limiting the set of tools exclusively to online advertising. Coverage of potential customers is carried out at different stages of decision-making - from the formation of needs to re-purchase.

Special services provide the collection of detailed information. An analysis of the information received allows us to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and draw clear portraits of the end consumer.

Digital marketing makes it possible to transfer an offline audience to the online market - for example, via e-mail distribution, SMS links and QR codes on handouts.

This is an effective strategy to increase brand awareness, increase loyalty and improve the company's reputation. Using digital advertising technologies, you can quickly promote new products and work for any other business goals.

Stages of developing a marketing strategy
The primary concern when using digital marketing tools is developing a strategy. The following is an example of its phased compilation:

Strategic planning and setting goals for an advertising campaign. They should be designed in the form of exact digital values ​​- for example, increase the conversion of the site by 10%.

Determining the target audience of the advertising campaign. It is important to accurately identify the target audience of promoted products and services.

Determining the competitive advantages of goods and services that will be promoted. They will need to be broadcast in all digital messages. Also at this stage, the weaknesses of the product / service are revealed - all this together constitutes a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis.

Selection of distribution channels for advertising messages. As a rule, it is advisable to choose several priority channels.

Determining the budget and duration of digital campaigns, developing a system of performance indicators for each channel individually.

Analysis of the results and making adjustments to the strategy.

Activities of digital agencies
Digital Marketing Agencies of Gurugram and other cities working in the field of digital promotion provide the following services:

  • creating a comprehensive digital promotion strategy;
  • website development from scratch, development of their design, promotion using contextual and media tools;
  • advertising communication with potential and current customers in the online environment and social networks;
  • analytics of data about users, their behavior, intentions, goals and adjustment of the advertising strategy based on the received data.

Digital agencies have advantages over conventional advertising agencies. With the full range of digital tools, marketers of such companies can choose the most effective goals for the client or use several digital technologies together. The goal of digital marketing is not only the impact on the user on the Internet, but also his transfer of potential customers from the offline environment to online.

InnovationMotive Media is now one of the leaders in the field of advertising market, it can be concluded that the use of digital channels is effective as part of a strategy to increase sales and communication with a potential client in order to increase brand awareness. Thus, a positive image is formed among the target audience. Following the chosen strategy, you will be able to gain a strong position in the consumer market.