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Arial Mapping Services

aerial view landscape city with lot highways buildings transportationOur capabilities also include remote sensing technology such as airborne data acquisition and drone surveys for aerial mapping. Our imagery products include high-resolution aerial photography, photogrammetric mapping, and LiDAR mapping.

Some aerial data applications are asset management, transportation, and infrastructure development, mining development and management, natural resources management, urban planning, land use planning, property assessment, economic and sustainable development, defense, emergency preparedness, and response.

LiDAR mapping

LiDAR can efficiently survey large areas even in remote and hazardous locations. Our LiDAR mapping services include bathymetric lidar for nearshore shallow waters mapping, digital terrain modeling, fauna and flora habitats mapping, and remote monitoring.

Drone surveys

InnovationMotive offers drone expertise and support for:

RTK drone measurements;
Georeferenced data;
Extra survey services on top to complete mapping data where drone surveys stop;
Full orthophoto with accuracy 5mm - 20 mm/Pixel;
Assured geometrically correct data to integrate easily in your software.
We also offer post-processing services for DTM generation, volume calculation, risk assessment, GIS applications, and Contour Maps, among others.