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Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) - Updates


Protect yourself and others!

COVID-19 is a new type of virus that belongs to the family of the virus that causes several respiratory illnesses ranging from common cold to more even death. The symptoms of this virus include fever, sore throat, shortness of death, and coughing. This is an easily communicable disease that spreads easily from person to person. It was first identified in the Wuhan district of china from the nonvegetarian market. It also called other illnesses such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome(MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome( SARS). This is a deadly virus that mostly affects people from the old age group and children below ten years. This is the deadly virus spreading all over the world and causes serious health problems to the people who have damaged the immune system.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates -

As per the new coronavirus update, it has been started spreading to India due to its geographical location because it is nearer to the country’s china. So far there are 80000 confirmed cases of corona in china. Regarding the new coronavirus update till 19-03-2020only 172 cases had been reported in India despite its bigger population and unhygienic practices. In India, Weather plays a role in controlling the disease in control.

 Do Don'ts 
Stay hydrated: Drink as much water and other liquids as you can. Unnecessary touch: Avoid unnecessary touch from people as much as you can. It spreads from touch.
Get plenty of rest: Take sound sleep of 7-8 hours and avoid going out, rest at home as much as you can. Getting exposed to the hostile environment: Public transport and public places could be very hostile as somebody carrying infection can infect you too, avoid going out as much as you can.
Take medication: Proper medication of any problem you have like cold, cough, sore throat, and fever. Sneeze openly: Never sneeze or cough openly as it will affect others.
Healthy eating habits: Eat healthily, consume a healthy and nutritious diet to a robust immune system. Ignore symptoms: Do not at all ignore if you are feeling sick, any kind of uneasiness should not be ignored and visit to doctor as soon as possible.

Personal hygiene: Wash your hands with soap and sanitizer at small intervals.

Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing, keep surroundings clean.

Avoid going to crowded places till the end of the spring: Avoid going to crowded places where the chances of getting exposed to infection are maximum.
 Throw used tissues into closed bins immediately after use Don't spit in public. 
 Consult a doctor if you feel unwell
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